The Municipality of Agios Georgios is located on the shoreside of the Strimonikos Bay, 70 km away from the city of Thessaloniki as well as from the city of Kavala. Lately, the Egnatia Odos motorway has reduced the distances to and from the Municipality of Agios Georgios.

The beautiful and clean shores of Asprovalta and New Vrasna fulfill all requirements that make the sea appropriate for swimming and have been awarded with the Blue Flag every year, since 1989. The visitors can find themselves leaving the beach and soon enough resting in shadowy places of mountainous landscape, hiking through picturesque routes.

Entertainment in the Municipality of Agios Georgios satisfies the demands of every single visitor, with a variety of choices among cultural events, excursions, hikes, night-life etc. The visitor can also enjoy all kinds of sports, choosing among swimming, wind surfing, tennis in our two new courts, beach volleyball in facilities designed according to Olympic requirements, basketball in an indoor court, football in 5×5 mini courts, as well as sailing.

The settlement of Vrasna has the most beautiful panoramic view on the Strimonikos Bay. The visitor is enchanted by the archaeological findings, such as the fortification tower of the Palaiologos era, the ancient city of Amfipolis, the Macedonian Graves, the Museum and the Acropolis of the city of Amfipolis.

Enjoy your stay!