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With length of 4km, it is characterized by deep water, only a step from the beach,. At the back of the beach you can find the village’s sidewalk, a place where many cultural events during the summer are taking place and an ideal place to walk. Make sure to be present here during the August’s full moon cause the spectacle that offers the surfacing of moon from the sea will charm you.

Following the coastline of Strymonikos gulf, you’ll meet the Paralia Vrasna, with length of 3km, which is called by locals Paragakia. The area of Paralia Vrasna is a strictly summer resort as a total of 6.000 country houses are found there, as well as a lot of tourist accommodation. If you are a surf fun this beach is suitable for you cause the morphology of the ground creates big waves that offers the desirable excitement. Complete lifeguard protection assures the beach and makes it safe for swimming.

beaches in asprovalta

The organized beach of Asprovalta, spreads in a total length of 7km, at the center of Strymonikos gulf. Crystal clear sea, complete services and the brand-new beautiful sidewalk of the village are few of the reasons to choose this beach. During each summer here is carried out the Greek beach volleyball championships for young men and women. Don’t forget to visit the small hill at the middle of the beach, where on a bright green place you’ll relax enjoying the view.

Olympiada is

Starting from the area of village Olympiada, on the way to village Ierissos, you’ll discover the famous beach  Golden Sand  Beach . Hidden inside of small natural harbors, this beach beaches is a point of reference for the youth of the area.

Inside the village Olympiada, the visitor will meet the most graphical beach of Strymonikos gulf. The old berth in the middle of the beach, the anchorage of small fishing boats on the side and the stone sidewalk lengthways of the sandy beach compose an image that rises memories of a different old Greece. On top of all this stands the excellent view to the uninhabited island of Kapros. The beach is extremely peaceful and that’s why it’s preferred more by families.

nea vrasna

olympiada village

All these organized beaches, are full of all kinds of shops (cafeterias, taverns, stores) that are waiting to offer a unique combination of services to the visitors.